Marvellous Monday

15 July 2013:Wow what a marvellous Monday morning out on LBG.

It may have been a grey and overcast Monday morning with the odd drizzle about, but the water was super glassy. It’s been a while since I have seen the entire lake like a sheet of glass. The calm cloudy conditions made for perfect paddling and great photographic conditions, the soft light was brilliant and the mirror reflections keep me out there for a lot longer than I anticipated. How can you leave the water when it’s just so good!

My good mate....'Charlie Honker'...the protector of the lake.

My good mate….’Charlie Honker’…the protector of the lake.

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My Morning Meditation

8 July 2013: I know that I keep saying  it, but there it truly no better way to start the day. It’s amazing how you become immersed in natures natural light show. It provides me best headspace and I always return back so calm and at peace. I hope you like this morning’s photos.

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