Sunrise and Sculls

11 Sept 2015: A quiet morning paddle was broken up by the sounds of enthusiastic scullers who were preparing to participate in the Colin Panton Memorial Rowing Marathon held on Lake Burley Griffin. This is an annual long distance race which has been running since 1965 in memory of Colin Leslie Panton and his son who tragically drowned during a training session on LBG.

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Floriade Reflections 2015

15 Sept 2015: Floriade has opened in spectacular style with record crowds enjoying the abundance of beauty on offer. Today I was privileged to be invited by Visit Canberra to experience an early morning viewing of the gardens, sculptures and installations which portray this years ‘reflection’ theme. Do yourself a favour and take the time out to have a stroll through this stunning display!

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Sheer Beauty

12 Sept 2015: Every now and again you experience something truly stunning. This morning was one of those moments! What a welcome to all those who are visiting Canberra for the opening of Floriade, ‘Reflections’. Often the most amazing things are right on your door step and all we have to do is open the door. This morning sunrise was one of the most amazing transitions I have seen for some time and I hope that you the photostory.IMG_8284
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Serene Spookiness

27 June 2015: At one stage I was waiting for something to reach out from the depths and latch onto my outstretched arm while I was photographing. It had all the elements of a serene but spooky movie this morning as I drifted my way amongst the heavy fog in Canberra. It’s hard to covey the atmosphere via a photographs, but hopefully this provides you a small insight.
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Frosty and Fantastic

4 June 2015: The frosty conditions were freezing the fingers, but the sensational scenery was burning a permanent etching into my retinas as I witnessed another stunning morning unfold. The sun looked amazing, like a giant orange rising from the east burning its way through the mist to shed light on yet another wonderful day. Many people ridicule Canberra’s cold climate, but you don’t experience such beauty without extreme conditions. Winter in Canberra can offer many memorable moments if you take the time to get out and enjoy it.

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