Canberra Collection 2014

What a memorable 2014. I’ve continued to be mesmerised by the beauty of Canberra with each and every season offering a spectacle of colour.

I have peacefully paddled amongst soft pastels tones, navigated my way through pea soup fog and have been wowed by our -8 wintery conditions as I glide my way on glassy, often near frozen waters. Each and every sunrise is different and I am continually amazed by this natural beauty especially the golden sunrises which are special to our inland city.

Through my paddling experiences I have been fortunate to meet fellow paddlers, friends and others who have become influential in my life. Our common link is our love for Canberra and all that it offers.

I have found it extremely hard to put a selection of shots together as there have been so many memorable moments this year. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I have enjoyed capturing and sharing them.

I wish everyone a very merry Christmas and I hope that you have an enjoyable festive season. Thank you for your ongoing support and I look forward to seeing and hearing from you in the New Year.

Paul Jurak



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Wonderful Odyssey

1 Jan 2013: Today I was taken into another world as I explored the beautiful Maria River. This is truly one stunning river, it has so much to see and so much discover. You just drift amongst its meandering arms and quickly you become immersed in its  world. The visuals on top and underneath the waters surface are mesmerising and you are accompanied by the brilliant sounds of the Australian bush. I just love the world which it takes me to. Today I was only going for a quick hour paddle but it ended up turning into a four hour wonder odyssey.

Maria River Magic

Maria River Magic

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