Old Photos of Lake Burley Griffin

The Commonwealth Avenue Bridge under construction

The Commonwealth Avenue Bridge under construction

The old Canberra race course before it was flooded.

The old Canberra race course before it was flooded (I think)

Kings Avenue

Kings Avenue

Since I have been paddling and photographing Lake Burley Griffin I have started to research the history of the lake – the conception, the alternative designs, its construction, the surrounding landmarks that makes it what it is today. The lake has a magnificent history, and I would like you to load any old photos of it during its construction phase, the building of Scrivener Dam, Black Mountain Tower, Old Parliament House, the Carillion, Commonwealth Avenue Bridge (new or old), King’s Avenue Bridge, the Old Canberra Hospital, the original Racecourse which was flooded when the lake was filled, Spring Bank Island Jetty, Regatta Point, the High Court, National library, New Parliament House or anything else that you may see fit.

I would love to see any old photos and then revisit the site – how has the landscape changed? Will we even recognise what once was there?

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9 thoughts on “Old Photos of Lake Burley Griffin

    • Hi Peta,
      I am glad you like the shots. Yes the photos are for sale. I am currently building a shopping cart for the website so more photos will be available for purchase in the future as well. I will contact you via your email and have a chat.

  1. I have a panorama of the lake from ‘Telecom Tower’, taken on a school excursion to Canberra in the 80s. Would that fit the bill too? or you’re only thinking at the time of construction? Little did I know at the time that I would live half my life here!
    – We’re off to Jugiong today to check out the Murrumbidgee! cheerio CC

    • I have a heap of old B&W 35mm negs that were given to me by my aunty of the lake pre filling and Canberra etc in the early 60’s. I haven’t even had a look at them, her job was to photograph the lake before it was filled. She doesn’t even now what is on them herself, so their should be some shots there that have never been seen. I am just saving up for a good quality scanner so I will be able to convert them to digital.
      I think that there will be plenty of amazing shots there for sure.

  2. hey CC, they are still sitting in the same spot when we spoke last time. I thinking of putting together a then and now exhibit, but it will still be some time off. Like you I am so keen to see what has been capsuled.

  3. Would the National Archives or the ABC be able to help with the conversion to digital? Or perhaps to would like to ‘unwrap’ each negative yourself, as it is half the fun.

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