It’s a Hat-trick for LBG

10 Feb 2013

Lake Burley Griffin (LBG) has successfully achieved a hat-trick this morning by producing another stunning display of colour. As I was paddling back in ‘ZEN’ Mode, I thought to myself;  just when you thought it couldn’t get any better,  you witness something like this. I don’t want to rant and rave too much, so scroll down and I hope you enjoy my snap shots.

6.08am: Looking into the tigers eye

6.09am: The sun is just sarting to warm up the morning sky.

6.15am: Now we are starting to roll.

6.20am: The fire in the sky is just beginning.

6.22am: The intensity increases with each passing minute.

6.28am: Just sneaking in a quick silhouette…couldn’t help my self.

6.29am: Now we are in full flight.

6.32am: Lights…..action…!

But just a word of warning! Kayaking and photography are extremely addictive, all it takes is one sunrise like this and before you know it you will be clearing a space in your garage for your kayak.

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