About kayakcameraman

I’m a kayaker who has fallen in love with photography. You'll find me quietly snapping away at the unique seasonal changes that take place around me. I began paddling on the lake as a way to rebuild both my body and mind after enduring an intensive three-month bout of chemotherapy due to testicular cancer. I had never paddled a kayak prior to this and very quickly discovered how stunning it is to be on the water looking out – rather than in. What I love about photography and paddling is that it provides you with best head space. This is why I love my daily paddles, as it gives me peace and contentment along with some of the best natural light shows. Why would you not want to experience it!

Apostles – Port Campbell

19 April-2018: Awoke early and headed to the Apostles to catch to sunrise. I walked out to the destination for 5.30am only to find it was shadowed by the cliffs. I decide to head to the Gibson Steps to see what is there. As I return to the car park the sunrise is gorgeous on the plateau’s and I spend time capturing it in a rural setting with the livestock in foreground.

I arrive at the Gibson Steps and the access to the beach is an easy walk. I find myself walking the beach at low tide and have the place all to myself. The enormity just hits you when you are standing at the bottom of these cliff. The surf is huge and the weather is picture perfect. What morning! I walk both extremities of the beach (West and East) and spend at least 2 hours here walking and photographing.

I arrive back for 9am and Julie and Louis are still huddled in bed. We depart for a day of touring, we return to the Gibson Steps and walk the beach as I did together, they love it. After this we head for Lock Ard Gorge and with the aim to swim at the beach there (this is where Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed as well). We arrive at the destination and thought that we were walking to the Gorge but really ended up walking a series of headland s instead. The views were amazing, but we really wanted a swim. We return back to the car tired, hungry and hot and begin to depart (missing the swim). I turn around and head back to the car park (in a different location) to find a mother and daughter towelling off at the back of their car. We ask how to access Loch Ard Gorge and believe it or not, the access was right in front of us the entire time. Excitedly we head for the beach, on arrival it is stunning, it’s this little bay that has a narrow opening that has a cliff perimeter. Louis and I go for a swim (as we call it….shocking the body) the water is crisp and quite dangerous, but we survive. After this we head to London Bridge and explore a few other locations as well. We return back to the camper to cook dinner in the camp kitchen and hang out in the TV room (I’m doing photos of course).


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Wye River to Port Campbell Canberra to Cape York (via Apostles)

Day 16:  18 April 2018

I walked Wye River beach on sunrise to experience an amazing sunrise, the coast line is so rugged, but yet so beautiful. Yet again I was the only one on the beach. I return back for a lazy morning (late checkout). We went into the small local Wye River café for a coffee before departing our way to Port Campbell and the 12 Apostles. We timed our approach perfectly to the Apostles and arrived for 3pm to catch them in amazing mid-afternoon light.  We check/setup at the van park and I take off to photograph the 12 Apostles as the sun sets. Truly amazing. We bunker down for a brisk night in the camper as the temps are dropping to 6 degrees overnight.


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Lorne / Rainforest / Wye River Canberra to Cape York (via Apostles)

Day 15:  17 April 2018

An early morning walk to Lorne Jetty before packing up and driving the Great Ocean Road to Wye River. On the way we stopped for a lunch time break at this amazing Rainforest and cooked sausages on the tailgate of the camper in the rainforest. After this we walked the track and found ourselves at the bottom of a waterfall. Very cool indeed. We arrived at Wye River to find a beautiful van park tucked in a bush setting. Louis was extremely happy as it had a games room that included a pool table. The van park was empty and we eventually selected a site after deliberation. A cool night was spent huddled in the camper in an ideal location.


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Queenscliff to Lorne Canberra to Cape York (via Apostles)

Day 14:  16 April 2018

Spent the morning driving from Queenscliff to Lorne, this was only a one-hour drive but it took us over 4 hours as we kept turning left to view all of the beautiful places along the way. We were going to spot at Apollo Bay, but we stopped to have a look at the van park and decided to push onto Lorne. The town was very touristy and packed out…. Good decision. Arrived at Lorne, circled the van park to choose a site, then decided to have a laksa in town (excellent feed). This time it was 3.30pm and we decided to pull stumps for the evening. Finally chose our camp site, set up and walked the beach and coast until dusk.


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Port Lonsdale / Queenscliff / Ocean Grove / Barwon Heads Canberra to Cape York (via Apostles)

Day 13:  15 April 2018

Dull sunrise at Port Lonsdale, but there was a large Surf brewing which made a few nice Pier shots. We had a lazy day driving/weaving our way around the headlands and through the cosy coastal town ships  –  Enjoyable day ducking in and out of the blustery and drizzly / patchy conditions. We had an enjoyable afternoon walking the Queencliff Pier. Very relaxed afternoon swimming / spa in the indoor pool at our camp ground to finish off. Heading to Lorne for the next adventure.


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Phillip Island to Bellarine Peninsula Canberra to Cape York (via Apostles)

Day 12:  14 April 2018 – Glamping in the Bellarine

With wild weather forecast for both Phillip Island and Sorrento I decided to pack up the Trak Shak early and head to the Mornington Peninsula. The weather closed in with gale force winds and rain making it impossible to capture the true beauty of these picturesque coastal villages. A quick drive around Sorrento and Portsea and out to Fort Nepean and then it was onto the Sea road ferry to Queenscliff.  The crossing was relatively smooth going despite the choppy waters. On board we were greeted by a local who offered us all the important information on the region, including the best eateries and local breweries.  The conditions made it easy to opt for fair weather ‘glamping ‘in a villa at the Big 4 Beacon Resort, Queenscliff.   This is a brilliant park for kids with a pool, spa, jumping pillow and activities room on offer. I decided to head out in the elements to the tip of Point Londsdale where the lighthouse is situated as well as the Port Lonsdale Pier. I’m looking forward to viewing the local area tomorrow.


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