About kayakcameraman

I’m a kayaker who has fallen in love with photography. You'll find me quietly snapping away at the unique seasonal changes that take place around me. I began paddling on the lake as a way to rebuild both my body and mind after enduring an intensive three-month bout of chemotherapy due to testicular cancer. I had never paddled a kayak prior to this and very quickly discovered how stunning it is to be on the water looking out – rather than in. What I love about photography and paddling is that it provides you with best head space. This is why I love my daily paddles, as it gives me peace and contentment along with some of the best natural light shows. Why would you not want to experience it!

Early kayak on Tallebudgera Creek & SLSC

6 May 2018

5.45am start and I paddle under the bridge, capture the sun burning with silhouettes over the break wall and continue on back up creek to the main pacific highway. It’s a pretty creek but I didn’t venture up the canals amongst the residences. One great thing I spotted (photo) was a bunch of teenage surfie lads that had set up camp on this little sand island with a Tent, BBQ, esky and Tinnie for the night. They were having a blast just hanging out, fishing, pumping Yambies etc. Living the life! After a few hours kayaking and on my return, I noticed the IRB clubs of Currumbin and Kurrawa going through their training drills. They were either IRB racing around the marker buoys or practicing their IRB person pick up.




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Brunswick Heads

2 May 2018

Early morning walk on Brunswick Beach- amazing sun burning through the cloud and I capture still life silhouetted on the breakwall. I capture a father and son standing on the tip just as the full sun is burning through. I approach them, show them the images and arrange to give them the images, they are most appreciative.

Mid morning, Julie Louis and I take off for a paddle on Simpson Creek – Brunswick Heads. We find a location – launch spot within the Caravan Park where we unload and walk down the stairs to a small secluded beach amongst the Mangroves. We take off with a mission in mind to find this sandy landing that leads to the Beach. It’s 5kms each way and I end up towing Louis early as we are paddling against the tide. We explore the mangroves and have a very relaxed paddle to the sandy Landing that we were aiming. We pull up at this little landing and have a short walk through sandy tracks till we hit the beach. We have this all to ourselves and have a lovely swim at the beach for an hour here, we towel down and head back to the kayaks for the return leg on Simpson Creek. For the afternoon, we head to Byron Bay for an afternoon swim at Cape Byron and catch to sunset from the beach. Magic way to end the day. We grab pizza’s for dinner and it’s an early bedtime for all.


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