About kayakcameraman

I’m a kayaker who has fallen in love with photography. You'll find me quietly snapping away at the unique seasonal changes that take place around me. I began paddling on the lake as a way to rebuild both my body and mind after enduring an intensive three-month bout of chemotherapy due to testicular cancer. I had never paddled a kayak prior to this and very quickly discovered how stunning it is to be on the water looking out – rather than in. What I love about photography and paddling is that it provides you with best head space. This is why I love my daily paddles, as it gives me peace and contentment along with some of the best natural light shows. Why would you not want to experience it!

Newcastle Kayak Tour

21 Feb 2020

Today I joined John from Newcastle Kayak Tours and Kayaked the harbour in a Hobie. The 2 hour tour departed from Stockton Boat Ramp venturing along the Stockton foreshore before landing at Little Beach, Pirate Point for a drink and snack. John took us on a short leisurely walk along the Stockton Break Wall, briefing us on the historical significance of the break walls and shipwrecks. We ventured to the Kayaks and looped back via the harbour foreshore. The tour is loads of fun and run by a delightful gentleman who goes out of his way to ensure that your experience is nothing but enjoyable. Highly Recommended


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