Canberra Collection 2014

What a memorable 2014. I’ve continued to be mesmerised by the beauty of Canberra with each and every season offering a spectacle of colour.

I have peacefully paddled amongst soft pastels tones, navigated my way through pea soup fog and have been wowed by our -8 wintery conditions as I glide my way on glassy, often near frozen waters. Each and every sunrise is different and I am continually amazed by this natural beauty especially the golden sunrises which are special to our inland city.

Through my paddling experiences I have been fortunate to meet fellow paddlers, friends and others who have become influential in my life. Our common link is our love for Canberra and all that it offers.

I have found it extremely hard to put a selection of shots together as there have been so many memorable moments this year. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I have enjoyed capturing and sharing them.

I wish everyone a very merry Christmas and I hope that you have an enjoyable festive season. Thank you for your ongoing support and I look forward to seeing and hearing from you in the New Year.

Paul Jurak



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Performance Perfection

15 March 2014: The balloons didn’t launch over LBG this morning, so ‘Mother Nature’ stepped and put on an stunning performance to light up our skies. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a sunrise open with deep mauves and swirls of pinks. Then to end show she had liquid gold dance on the waters surface to create a wonderful finale.

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Neon Sunrise

15 Jan 2014: What a stunner! I’m speechless, that was excellent, brilliant, fantastic, gorgeous…someone get me a thesaurus please. I hope that you enjoy the shots as I know I’ll be floating for the rest of the day…WOW, now that was a sunrise!

5.44am: You can already see the brilliance building.

5.44am: You can already see the brilliance building.

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