The dark before the dawn: the beginning of a great obsession!

As part of the blog writing course that I am currently undertaking, I must write a review. So I thought I would review Lake Burley Griffin; what started me paddling; and the head space that it provides me on a daily basis.

Last August I was in the third stage of an intensive three month blast of chemotherapy.
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Terrific Tuross

Show Case Alley

How good is this place! Amazing, spectacular and beautiful are just a few words that can be used to describe Tuross Head. It was the first time that I had ever been to Tuross and it certainly will not be last. Three of us, Big Steve, Matt and myself decided to have a boy’s weekend away that would involve paddling, fishing and of course a bit of good old fashioned socialising. Matt and I are the keen kayak paddling ones, while big Steve’s the type of bloke that could fish for 30 hours in a 24 hour day. Matt and I would be out at the crack of dawn exploring the water ways of Tuross while Steve would try and better his record catch of a 90 centimetre Flat Head. We were so lucky, we ended up with the best weather that anyone could ask for; perfect calm conditions for three entire days.

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A morning mystery

At 6.27am, the sky was crystal clear, promising a beautiful day in Canberra.

7.13am, the mist had rolled in from the wetlands, making it look like a scene from Harry Potter.

But the mist and fog disappeared as quickly as it came to leaving us with a stunning day in the Capital.

10.37am, It was such blooming good day that I had to take the plywood kayak out for a spin!