Super Saturday

5.33am: An Orange sunrise is the best way to start the weekend


Then the colours began to change with every passing minute


The sun felt as though it was burning right through you


The sunrise from a waterline perspective


At this point I was unsure of what danger lay ahead!


Then I realised……Dangerous Drop Balloons!


Near miss


Luckily for me they turned their focus on the rowers!


2 thoughts on “Super Saturday

  1. Hi Paul,

    Ive just listened to your interview on ABC – it reminds me of what an amazing positive guy that you are, we havent crossed paths in a long time but whenever we do your positive attitiute always impresses me.

    Great to see that you are doing well – hope to cross paths some time soon

    old friend/work colleague

    Peter Struys

  2. Hey Peter,
    Great to hear from you my friend, it certainly has been awhile since we last caught up. I’m glad you liked the interview. All is going well, I am just about to take off to the Mid North Coast in search of creeks, estuaries and point breaks! So excited……can’t wait……would love to catch up in 2013 and have few good laughs.

    Take care and have a good Christmas and New Year

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