Reflections of 2012

 I thought that I would load a few shots from 2012.

Copy of IMG_4922

You may have seen a few shots already, but I’m pretty sure that there will be a few here that you haven’t seen.


 I have experienced some amazing fog paddles through Canberra’s winter.


Experienced a few night time paddles after taking in another sunset.


At times it even feels like you are floating on the clouds.

I have seen a few things from a different perspective


and have loved paddling through the wetlands in the middle of winter, sometimes it feels like you are paddling amongst the Trifids.


The sunrises have been mind blowing,


with most mornings so calm that you feel like you are paddling on a sheet of glass.


The colours have been the biggest enjoyment.


Sometimes I find myself sitting there wacthing in awe


 and each time Mother Nature treats me to a spectacular light show.


 I have photographed a few different things like the rock pools at Jervis Bay.


I have had a many good laughs as we have floated our way around Lake Burley Griffin.

Even when it is minus eight degrees and the water temperature is a mere five degrees.


I have ventured to many places throughout the year and have seen some mind blowning places that many people wouldn’t even know they existed and most times they are right on your own door step.


I always return back calm and at peace,


how could you not, after paddling amongst some of the best scenery that you could ever ask for.


I hope you have enjoyed my photograghs and much as I have enjoyed sharing them.


I thank you all for your support and I hope you will continue on commenting, liking and paddling with me into 2013!

4 thoughts on “Reflections of 2012

  1. Hi Lorna, it won’t be long and I should have a few more posts to be loaded up from the 6 week holiday break, I have so many photos to choose from. I’m glad you like the shots and enjoy the rest of the photos on the site.

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