Pink Sunrises

Pink sunrises; they’re few and far between but I have been lucky enough to experience a few while paddling Lake Burley Griffin.

It certainly had the WOW factor that morning!


The natural light show was amazing


and the water was like a sheet of glass providing pink mirror reflections.


A pink perspective; I love it when it’s glassy like that.


The light show that morning was off the spectrum; I should load a shot sequence from that paddle, truly amazing!


A pink sunrise from Springbank Island Jetty


That morning I found myself floating away on the main basin marvelling at its beauty.


2 thoughts on “Pink Sunrises

  1. Wow Kayakcameraman, what can I say? So glad I found you on Facebook and even more glad to find your blog. I am an obsessed dragonboater and now outrigger canoe paddler also and basically anything to do with water. Your photos are breathtaking and because I’m on the water so much too and seeing so many sunrises and amazing views, you have inspired me to buy the same camera you use.

    I am very touched by your story as I am a breast cancer survivor and the paddling has been my lifeline. I couldn’t be without it. How amazingly lucky are we to be healthy enough to be doing this? I love your story about buying the kayaks when you were struggling so much. My sister is going through chemo at the moment and sometimes, though my paddling keeps me sane, it feels harder to be out there doing what I love, knowing she doesn’t have the same quality of life.

    I hope you have many chances to paddle on Sydney waterways as this is the most stunning city for our obsession. Canberra looks wonderful too.

    I’ll be following you closely and getting out there as much as possible with my new camera when I buy it. I’m sure your beautiful photos put a smile on many faces, like they do mine. I’ll share mine with you soon. Thank you so much for sharing your story and stunning photos.

    Tracey 🙂

  2. Hi Tracey,

    I’m glad you like the blogs and the photos. As you well know it’s the best heads space when you are on water watching the sun pop up or disappear. Like you, the paddling has been the best thing to rebuild my body and mind after the chemo. I love it! And some mornings I find myself floating away just watching the light show.

    I hope your sister’s treatment is going well, your support and the support from family and friends are most important. Your photos, passion and love will provide great strength.

    I haven’t paddled on any of the Sydney water ways as yet, but they are definitely on my list. There are so many stunning waterways up there; I hope to paddle the Hawkesbury, Pittwater and several Sydney Harbour locations in 2013.

    It’s nice to hear from another passionate paddler and I look forward to seeing you photos.


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