Terrific Tuross

Show Case Alley

How good is this place! Amazing, spectacular and beautiful are just a few words that can be used to describe Tuross Head. It was the first time that I had ever been to Tuross and it certainly will not be last. Three of us, Big Steve, Matt and myself decided to have a boy’s weekend away that would involve paddling, fishing and of course a bit of good old fashioned socialising. Matt and I are the keen kayak paddling ones, while big Steve’s the type of bloke that could fish for 30 hours in a 24 hour day. Matt and I would be out at the crack of dawn exploring the water ways of Tuross while Steve would try and better his record catch of a 90 centimetre Flat Head. We were so lucky, we ended up with the best weather that anyone could ask for; perfect calm conditions for three entire days.

We arrived on the Friday night only to see an amazing blood orange sunset lighting up the western mountain range, so we decided to launch the kayaks and go for a dusk paddle. This was a good decision as I was able to capture so many marble reflections.

Marble reflection of Tuross Head

Marble reflection of Tuross Head

Saturday morning began with Matt and I starting out at 5.30am. The conditions were calm and not a cloud in the sky. We toured and explored about 20 kms of river and creeks and returned back for midday. It’s such a scenic place; it’s littered with oyster leases, old historic bridges and landscapes that keep you wanting more.

After lunch we meet up with Steve and fished until about 8pm. Unfortunately we had nothing to rave about and there were certainly no bragging rights, that’s for sure, but we did get to experience one of the better sunsets that I have seen for a while.

Big Steve

Big Steve and his motto: “Beats Working”

The end to a great day at Tuross

The end of a great day at Tuross

Sunday was very similar to the previous one, clear skies, calm conditions, smooth waterways and good company. One great thing about Tuross is that you can moor your boat at the Tuross Jetty and have the best fish & chips, seafood and burgers. The serves are huge and the best part is that you are sitting on the Jetty overlooking the picturesque Tuross Lake.

Late Sunday afternoon we reluctantly packed up, said farewell to the locals and vowed to return sooner than later for another dose of Tuross Head.

Tuross Head Locals

Tuross Head Locals

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