Fantastic Finale

15 March 2015: I will certainly miss the sound of burners blasting and the colourful array of balloons during my morning paddle. What a fantastic finale to the Canberra Balloon Spectacular. Despite the early wind the balloons launched from Old Parliament House and drifted over LBG saying their final hoorah to all those who ventured out during the spectacular. The pilots have put on such an amazing display showcasing their craft, skill and expertise and I consider myself fortunate to have witnessed this event from a waters perspective. Most mornings I had balloons drifting by the nose of my kayak and on occasion, I was towed along the surface of Lake Burley Griffin. Words cannot describe the daily visual delight that we have been treated to over the last week and I look forward to what the balloonists have install for next year.

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Stunning Saturday morning in CBR for the Balloon Spectacular

14 March 2015: It has been such a wonderful experience. Canberra is one of the best locations as this event provides the ever happy  balloonist’s the opportunity to put on a stunning display. Crowds can easily line the shore lines and see this spectacular from so many different angles, whether it be from the shoreline or from a water perspective….. and just think, it’s all happens right on our front door step and it totally free.

What an amazing balloon spectacular it has been and this morning didn’t disappoint. There were hot air balloons drifting on the waters of LBG and a multitude balloons floating overhead as well, with some only one a metre away me. This has been one of the best events I have ever experienced!

Doesn’t get any better than this!

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Spectacular Sight

12 March 2015: Balloons were drifting on the water’s surface, balloons were floating in the sky and it true style the balloons light up the morning sky!

What a sensational display again by the pilots who took to the sky for the Canberra Balloon Spectacular this morning. The every happy balloonist’s attitude is so infectious and you immediately see that they thoroughly enjoy putting on a wonderful display for everyone who lines the shores or for those who take to the waters of Lake Burley Griffin.

What a morning!


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Balloon Brilliance

10 March 2015: Words are really hard to describe what I have experience over the past few days during the Canberra Balloon Spectacular. Each and every day has totally blown me away with a wonderful display of colour, fun and visual overload. The best thing I have to note is how happy and enthusiastic the balloonists are! Their joy for what they do is so infectious and it is quickly transferred into the crowds that line the shore line or to the paddlers that venture out onto the water. If you were to witness an event like this anywhere else in the world you would be raving it about it to your friends and family for months. How lucky are we to have such a spectacular event right on our doorstep. Do yourself a favour and make the effort to see this truly wonderful spectacle.

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Sensational Start to the Canberra Balloon Spectacular

7 March 2015: The sky was peppered with a colourful spectrum of hot balloons this morning signalling the beginning of the  Canberra Balloon Spectacular. The event took off in spectacular style with fun new flying faces including a giant Dodo bird, Yoda and an Angry Bird balloon. It was great to see the balloon enthusiastic coming back to Canberra to support this wonderful event. I had balloons drifting millimetres from the nose of the Red Chilli (my kayak) and even managed to have my own chaperone as I was towed by a passing balloon across the water’s surface. The spectacular is running until March 15 so do yourself a favour and catch this national event.


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Mixed bag of WOW!

6 March 2013: What a WOW of a morning!

What an unbelievable morning on LBG. It had it all, predawn mist floating on  the surface, lights reflecting from our landmarks, silhouettes, golden tones,  pastels to the west and then to finish off I was treated to a balloon bonanza.The odd thing is that this happens more often than not…..The judges have  given ten out of ten this morning for LBG!

Mist on the water

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