Happy Birthday LBG – 50 Years Young

Lake Burley Griffin is a national landmark that has provided it’s locals and visitors with so many memorable moments over the past 50 years. It’s has been a privilege to be able to witness and photograph the kaleidoscope of colours and seasonal features that Lake Burley Griffin offers me each day as a backdrop.

What I love about photography and paddling is that it provides me with an incredibly calm headspace. It is my meditation. No two days are the same, and each day provides me with a natural light show that sometimes leaves me gasping in wonder. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I have enjoyed capturing these moments.

IMG_9950 IMG_9951
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Casual Cruise

23 April 2014: I casually cruised my way into a glorious sunrise this morning. I thoroughly enjoyed all the sights and sounds of Newcastle harbour as the winds were light, the light was superb and I wasn’t in any hurry at all. I hope that you have a great day.

It was a very relaxed morning out on the water this morning

It was a very relaxed morning out on the water.

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Sunrise and Silhouttes = Smiles

7 Nov 2013: This morning I was treated to a gorgeous sunrise and stunning silhouettes. I ventured over the mouth of the Jerrabomberra Wetlands and caught a the sunrise with ‘Pedro’ and his Squadron. Soon after that the members from The “Capital Lakes Rowing Club” were getting ready for their morning rowing session on LBG. Then to top it all of I decided to drift my way through the Kingston Foreshore developed. I don’t think it will be too long before the Kingston Foreshore will be alive and buzzing, I’m looking forward to grabbing a table, sitting back on the pier and enjoying the view.  It’s going to be another beautiful day here in Canberra so I hope that you get outside and enjoy the sunshine. Have a great day!

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Relaxed Sunday Start

27 OCT 2013: The sunrise changed colour three times this morning as it burnt through the fog. There were beams of light burning through the Mist, pelicans were silhouetted in the fog and the swans drifted elegantly on glassy waters. All of these elements combined to make for a very relaxing start to my Sunday.

slicing my way through glassy waters

slicing my way through glassy waters

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Spectacular Start

1 September 2013: Golden sunrises, dreamy misty fingers of golden rays, hovering balloons, silhouette swans, crazed reflections and pelicans all made for a delightful start to spring this morning. Spring has started in spectacular style and I can’t wait to see the multitude to colours that Canberra is about to produce. I hope that you enjoy the shots 🙂

So glad you are aboard for the trip :)

So glad you are aboard for the trip 🙂

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Thursdays creation

29 August 2013: Every day has its own unique signature and this morning’s creation was truly sublime. What a stunning pastel dawn it was this morning. Sunrises like this provide me with so much peace and contentment, you can see why I’m so addicted and love starting the day like this.  I hope that you enjoy the shots.

6.03am: There was a slight indication that the pastel dawn was about develop.

6.03am: There was a slight indication that the pastel dawn was about develop.

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Best of July

What a wonderful winter it’s been. The thing I love the most about winter is that it produces the most amazing conditions with each morning having its own unique signature. One morning its crystal clear and the Red Chilli is slicing its way through glassy waters. The next morning it’s thick as pea soup and you can’t see five metres in front of you. I hope that you enjoy the variety of shots that comprise my ‘Best of July’ photo journal.

A brilliant transformation, the pastel pinks quickly turned into glossy gold’s.

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Cruising in Newcastle

17 July 2013: It was so nice to be home and have another beautiful cruise on Newcastle Harbour. Yet again I had 6am start and I‘m so happy that I did as the early morning light refraction was brilliant. It’s so nice to be out on the water and watch the sun pop each day, I’m so lucky to be able to experience it.

6.18am: The Shimmy Sunrise - Newcastle. The light refraction was amazing. This is 40 minutes before the scheduled sunrise.... Unreal!

6.18am: The Shimmy Sunrise – Newcastle. The light refraction was amazing. This is 40 minutes before the scheduled sunrise…. Unreal!

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Silhouette Sunrise

3 June 2013: What a stunning silhouette sunrise this morning. I really didn’t expect to be paddling amongst crystal clear skies and sub zero temperatures after the rainy weekend that we just had. I can tell that we are definitely in winter now as my finger and toes are still thawing out from this morning’s frosty float on Lake Burley Griffin. I always return back so calm and peaceful after a paddle into the wetlands. How could you not when there are so many stunning silhouette reflections. I hope that you enjoy the photos.


The morning began with crystal clear skies and calm conditions.

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