Sunrise and Silhouttes = Smiles

7 Nov 2013: This morning I was treated to a gorgeous sunrise and stunning silhouettes. I ventured over the mouth of the Jerrabomberra Wetlands and caught a the sunrise with ‘Pedro’ and his Squadron. Soon after that the members from The “Capital Lakes Rowing Club” were getting ready for their morning rowing session on LBG. Then to top it all of I decided to drift my way through the Kingston Foreshore developed. I don’t think it will be too long before the Kingston Foreshore will be alive and buzzing, I’m looking forward to grabbing a table, sitting back on the pier and enjoying the view.  It’s going to be another beautiful day here in Canberra so I hope that you get outside and enjoy the sunshine. Have a great day!


IMG_4391-2 IMG_4415-2 IMG_4418-2 IMG_4427-2 IMG_4430-2 IMG_4432-2 IMG_4463-2 IMG_4469-2 IMG_4472-2 IMG_4474-2 IMG_4480-2 IMG_4485-2 IMG_4497-2 IMG_4502-2 IMG_4383 IMG_4511 IMG_4558 IMG_4572 IMG_4596 IMG_4608 IMG_4541-2

2 thoughts on “Sunrise and Silhouttes = Smiles

    • They were amazing, normally they will flee, but that morning they were very happy to let me hang out with them. I have been watching the population grow considerably over the past year. They look fantastic.

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