Day Lake Tyers – Canberra to Cape York (via Apostles)

Day 6 8-4-18 Lake Tyers

Camping on the bluff at Camp Tyler made for front row seats to watch the spectacular sunrise. The conditions were perfect for capturing images on both camera and drone.  I had a refreshing swim before heading to the local café to stock up on water. I was informed that Scott Kingman from the band ‘The Screaming Jets’ owns the local café and is a photographer so I was keen to meet him and  have a chat. Scott sells his photos in the shop along with great knitted beanies and camp supplies. They also sell delicious homemade takeaway food.  Lindy showed me the local kayaking spots and I headed off to Mills Point where I launched my kayak and paddled across the lake to ‘Black Fellows Arm. The lake has an abundance of birdlife including black swans, egrets, eagles and a flock of black cockatoos which I’m hoping doesn’t indicate rain. A marbled sunset completed yet another great day.

Scott Kingman is a musical artist and is currently setting up a gallery in the Lake Tyer village. To view photo images from Scott Kingman visit


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