25 March 2013: What a sunset, what a afternoon, I was going to use WOW again but I have already used it soooooo many times previously that I am in fear of wearing it out. So tonight sunset can only be described as MEGA WOW!

Lake Burley Griffin and the Canberra skies never cease to amaze me. Yet again I have witnessed another jaw dropping display. It’s natures sky fire!

I had been watching the skies form all afternoon.

The early colours and tones were stunning.

I just sat there in awe tonight

watching a beautiful sunset take place.

So I positioned myself in the direct line of sight

and waited for the light show to begin.

I decided to move to take in the view from a different location

and I was not disappointed.

The colour change tonight was amazing.

Sunsets are a huge big thank you at the end of the day.

Yet again I have been treated to another stunning light show. I hope that you have enjoyed the shots.

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