4 thoughts on “Mooo-ving amongst the mist

  1. Love the moo cow shots. And agree those skulls without lights can come out of the fog pretty quickly. Maybe you need a cow bell. Thanks for the photos. I look forward to the spring shots. Have you thought of making a calendar?

    • Hey Susan,
      The cows were great, they were so interested the Red Chilli. Too true a cow bell would be very cool indeed, it would make be a great accessory. I am in the process of upgrading the website and including a catalogue of shots and you will be able select and design your own calendar. Well that’s the plan anyway. Thanks for clicking onto the site and commenting.

  2. Excellent. Hope to see you on the lake again soon. I often go out with Dragons Abreast – leaving from the Southern Cross Club bay on Tuesdays at 6.30 am. We are always excited to see Red Chilli. Other paddles are lunchtime Wednesday and a more respectable 8.30 on a Saturday.

    • It’s always nice to meet up with Dragons Abreast paddlers out on the water. You are always so happy and full of life and the your vibrant pink colours look fantastic on the water as well. I look forward to crossing paths out there soon.
      Say hello to everyone for me please.
      All the best

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