Double the Fun

Double the fun with the ‘Dag Biwok’


I brought the ‘DAG Biwok’ kayak last year with the specific idea that it would be my family friendly fun kayak and it hasn’t disappointed. I added this kayak to my collection so I could take my 4 year old ‘Captain Nemo’ paddling with me.


He has watched me leave the shore so many times and he yearned so much to get out there with me. Initially I thought it may be a wasted purchase but to be honest the kayak has been well used. The ‘Dag’ has mainly transported the ‘Captain’ and myself but it has taken a host of other people for enjoyable trips on the water as well.


The ‘Dag Biwok’ is still C-Kayak’s fastest double sit-in and is one of their best selling doubles.  It is widely used by several hire fleets including the Department of Sport and Recreation. They are constructed of three layer polyethylene making them slightly stiffer and lighter than other kayaks of similar dimensions.


They are an extremely durable kayak and will withstand anything you decide to throw at it. The moulded plastic construction makes it nearly indestructible. This provides the paddler peace of mind when paddling in shallow waters, close to oysters, rocks, protruding branches or anything else you may come across. The last thing you have to worry about is punching a hole through the bottom or sides.


The double tracks really well for a kayak that is 5.3 metres in length and is very solid in the water. Never have I felt like I was going to tip or capsize, this for me s peace of mind as it’s the last thing I want to happen when I have my four year old sitting in the front.


The foot controls are easily adjusted to adapt to your desired settings and once locked in the settings will not slip and alter at all. I find that the ‘Dag’ manoeuvres extremely well for such a long and wide kayak, with me even going as far as saying that it has a better turning circle than my sit-in ‘Riot Brittany’. There is loads of leg room in the large cock pit areas and there is plenty of storage space available. But I must say that putting on the small storage hatch covers (which go on underneath the hard covers) a bit of a skill tester and can sometimes be aggravating.


The ‘Dag’s weight of 34Kg is very good considering that it is 5.3m and 63cm wide, but I have had to employ a few unique loading and unloading strategies  as most of the time I am only with a four year old and injury is quite easy. There should be minimal lifting problems if you are with two adults, but keep in mind that there is a variety of mechanisms available on the market that will aid in the unloading and loading of your specific double or single kayak.


The ‘Dag’ is comfortable to paddle and we cruise along with ease. I find the kayak is well balanced even when I am paddling with little ‘Captain Nemo’ who is often creating more drag from the front end as he is constantly dragging his hands, sticks or anything else he could find (what boy wouldn’t).


For me the ‘Dag Biwok’ has been a great addition to my kayak quiver and is regularly used and borrowed by many of my friends for family outings. You just never know what you will discover of experience when you are out on the water.


I camp for five weeks over the Christmas holidays on the mid north coast and it certainly get a great work out exploring the many stunning water ways of the region. For me the ‘Dag Biwok’ is a great kayak that will provide you with plenty of good times and excellent experiences.


Paul Jurak

            C- Kayak – Pro Team member










2 thoughts on “Double the Fun

  1. I viewed Captain Nemo with some envy……reminded me of more than 60 years ago, when Dad made a type of kayak out of tin for my brother and me, (when a long drought had finally broken,) and he showed us how to use the paddle. I remember the joy of gliding quietly through the tall swamp grass, and the amazement of seeing so many water birds, the floating ducks’ nests, and so many water insects, frogs and tadpoles. It was a wonderful experience for a couple of bush kids, and such a welcome change from red dust, dry land, dead stock and crows!

    • Hi Elizabeth,
      What wonderful experiences you all have had, it’s experiences like these that are the most rewarding and stay with you for life. That’s what living, learning and getting out there is all about. Thank you so much for sharing your adventures. I want my 3 boys to see the natural beauty and really appreciate it. I just love getting outside with them and sharing in their joy of the new discoveries that they make and hopefully they will continue on doing the same things (and tell the stories) to their children and grand kids. We live in a truly wonder world 

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