Floating into Friday

27 Sept 2013: There is no better way to see the working week out than by slicing your way through glassy waters. Today is shaping up to be an absolute cracker here the capital, so I hope that you get the chance to get outside an enjoy, especially after yesterdays tumultuous conditions.

Very cruisy start.

Super calm conditions made for a very cruisy start.

What's SUP

What’s SUP


Slicing my way into the main basin.

Slicing our way into the main basin.

Tri SUP reflection

Tri SUP reflection

Golden SUP

Golden SUP


There wasn’t any need for speed at all.

Crystal blue skies and calm conditions always get a huge thumbs up.

Crystal blue skies and calm conditions always get a huge thumbs up.

Silhouette SUP

Silhouette SUP

Hope you all have a great day.

Hope you all have a great day.

4 thoughts on “Floating into Friday

  1. Hi Paul

    I just love your photos and comments every day. Our family seems to be linked to you in weird and wonderful ways. I don’t remember how I first started following you but was surprised to find my son Kai (Canon cameras) had also spoken with you and my other son Beau works with WordPress in America! I have a niece and nephew who live in Canberra and I live in Perth. In a sense I was relieved to see that you have taken out copyright on your photos….they are truly world class (oh I forgot, my first job in 1969 was in photography in the Department of Agriculture).

    Thanks for the pleasure and optimism you generate.

    Very best wishes and hopes for continued good health.

    Jenny Lebens

    • Hi Jenny,
      Thank you for your lovely comments and you kind words. My paddles are my meditation session each time; I am truly addicted to seeing the beginning of each day and what a great addiction it is to have. Kai has been sooooo helpful to me and I am really in debt to him, he is such a nice bloke. It would be very exciting for Beau to live in the America, what an experience.
      Did you by any chance work with a woman by the name of Pauline Pavlovic (Unsure of her maiden name) when you worked in Canberra?
      It seemed like the smart thing to do, so I decided to watermark and copyright to the shots. Unsure if anything will ever come of the photos etc, but there are so many stunning sunrises and it a huge passion of mine as well. We seem to have our fair share of stunning sunrises and sunsets here in Canberra and I consider myself one lucky person to be able to see so many of them. I try to share as many of them as possible.
      For me the only way to be is half full….not half empty; Life is way too short. I’m so glad that you enjoy the shots and the spiel that goes with it.
      Thank you for clicking on, commenting and being a part of the website.
      Kind regards
      Paul Jurak

    • No problems at all maviedesign, I’m just about to head north to Coff’s harbour for a week or so, so hopefully I will snap a few different shots and waters way along the way. So glad that you like the shots.

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