Magnificent Morning

2 Nov 2013:  It was as if I was paddling into a tangerine sunrise this morning. The waters were glassy, the winds were light and the colours were magnificent. It made for a perfect start to Saturday.


IMG_4027 IMG_4028 IMG_4029 IMG_4030

“Like all magnificent things, it’s very simple.” Natalie Babbitt

4 thoughts on “Magnificent Morning

  1. Hi Paul…I think your soul must nearly be at bursting point seeing these gorgeous sights every day. Thanks so much for sharing them….I actually gasp out loud quite often as I scroll through!
    Cheers, Jen

    • Hey Jen,
      I just love drifting my way into as many sunrises as I can see. Each time is a totally new experience for me, I know it sounds weird, but for me seeing every day begin is a real treat. And ( I know you should never start a sentence with and…but I am…. can’t help myself) it’s funny how you say that you “actually gasp out loud quite often as I scroll through”. As I am constantly gasping each morning, all you can hear is…Ohhhhh wow, Ohhhh that is stunning, Ohhhh my…everyone you have to come and see this!
      I never tire and I don’t think I will ever will tire of having the opportunity of experiencing natural beauty and hopefully I can share it for many years to come.
      I’m so glad that like the shots.
      All the best, Paul

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