National Library of Australia archives Kayakcameraman site.

I am so excited to announce that the National Library if Australia has chosen to archive the website ‘kayakcameraman’ and it photos. The library will preserve all publications and will make it accessible to the public via internet now and in perpetuity.

I am totally blown away by this and very humbled and honoured by this event. I think that I’ll be floating amongst the clouds for so time. Thanks for everyone who has commented, shared and been a part of the website, thanks you very much for making it such and enjoyable experience

I have added the link for your perusal – PANDORA ARCHIVE  Australia’s Web Archive

12 thoughts on “National Library of Australia archives Kayakcameraman site.

  1. Bravo! And very well deserved. Your photos have been magnificent and a joy to behold. Now even more will get that pleasure, in perpetuity!

    • Thanks so much Anne,
      I have been treated to many stunning sunrises and sunsets. It fantastic that the site it will be archived and able to be viewed in years to come, imagine the change that will be documented through out the years. It was unexpected, but great news.
      All the best

    • Thank you so much vclarke, I have been so lucky to have experience many stunning sunrises and sunsets and I thoroughly enjoy sharing them. It’s a great honour to have the website archived in the National Library of Australia.

  2. Congratulations Paul, that is wonderful news and absolutely deserved. How proud you and your family must be to be recognised is the way. Please excuse my ignorance but does that mean that we will not access your emails as we do now and will need to go through the National Library?

    • Hi Bernadette,
      No not at all. The National Library has selected my website to archive it contents and it will be available and stored on their base for ever. The website will continue to be accessible exactly the same way it is operating now. I’m so excited and extremely happy that the NLA like the website and the photos enough to archive its contents so it will be available for people to view it in a 100 years time. Very cool indeed.
      Thanks so much for the well wishes.

  3. Oh that’s fantastic Paul! A worthy outcome for the very worthy gift you give others to start or/and end their days with. Good stuff:) clap cheer whacko!

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    • Hey Nerida,
      That was a total blow away, I never would have ever expected anything like that the happen. I think that I’ll be floating amongst the clouds for a while. Thanks so much 🙂

    • Thanks ‘CC’…much appreciated. I love how the photos will be available for ever and how future generations will be able to look back and see what it was like a 100 years ago…. very cool indeed. I still have a huge smile on the dial 🙂

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