Paddler in the Mist

29 April 2014: I drifted away on glassy waters watching the sun burn through the mist to produce a magical atmosphere this morning. The temperatures maybe getting cooler here in Canberra but that’s why the conditions are so stunning. The wind were calm, the scenery was stunning and the light was fantastic. I’m loving autumn in Canberra.


IMG_7428 IMG_7434 IMG_7460 IMG_7464 IMG_7465 IMG_7467 IMG_7473 IMG_7484-2 IMG_7487 IMG_7492 IMG_7493 IMG_7495



2 thoughts on “Paddler in the Mist

    • Thanks so much, I love the mist morning paddles and the atmosphere which it creates. Thanks for clicking onto the website to have a look and also comment.
      much appreciated 🙂

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