Frosty and Fantastic

3 Aug 2014: What a start to the morning with minus 5 temps, crystal clear skies, mist dancing on the water. Despite the cold biting at my face and my fingers and toes burning I couldn’t resist paddling further so that I could watch the scenery transform. I was transfixed by the sunrise which rose resembling a pot of gold. Behind me was a soft palette of soft pastel tones. Winter at its best with snow play available in the Brindabella’s and perfect clear skies for all to enjoy


IMG_9359 IMG_9361 IMG_9365 IMG_9368 IMG_9372 IMG_9388 IMG_9396 IMG_9397 IMG_9401 IMG_9403 IMG_9411 IMG_9416 IMG_9420 IMG_9423 IMG_9447 IMG_9451 IMG_9454 IMG_9462


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