Pocket Rocket Review – Canon PowerShot D30

I was recently given the opportunity to trial & test the new Canon PowerShot D30. I was excited and eager to trial the new look Canon PowerShot D30. I have been shooting with the Canon PowerShot D20 for the past thee years and I have certainly put it through its paces and haven’t been disappointed.

I would like to point out that I am by no means a professional photographer but rather an amateur photographer who primarily photographs sunrises and sunsets from a sea kayak. The photos that you see in this review have been taken by the new PowerShot D30 and have not been digitally altered or enhanced in any way. The only alterations that have been made is to reduce and watermark the image size. I shoot entirely free hand, often with one hand outstretched and predominately in low light conditions. I do not use a tripod, filters or any other gadgets and  I am often asked, ” What filter do you use? or  What shutter speed do you use? My response to this is “I just point and shoot on full auto.

The Canon PowerShot D30 has a smaller and thinner body than the D20 making for a snug fit in ones hand. The easy viewing screen enables you to quickly size up your shot. One thing I enjoy about the D30 is how tough it is and its ease of use. The response time is quick and the button locations provide the user with simple operation. This is important as the majority of my shots are purely about capturing the moment at hand.  The D30 has the ability to capture soft tones almost as if you are using a filter.













The D30’s ability to capture an image in heavy fog isn’t hampered at all. I am constantly shooting during the winter months when the visibility is heavily reduced and the conditions can be extremely difficult. During my three years of shooting with the D20, I have been constantly amongst water and damp foggy moist conditions and I have never experienced any fogging or moisture build up within the camera. I am continually taking the battery out to recharge it and there isn’t any moisture in the casing.This in itself is a testament to the construction and the quality of the seals in Canon cameras.

IMG_8879 IMG_8890

IMG_8850 IMG_8862


The Canon PowerShot D30 produces a clear and crisp shot. The auto focus quickly locks onto the subject and allows you to capture the moment instantly. You have plenty of other options when you enter into the program mode. This mode allows you to adjust Exposure, ISO Settings, White Balance, Light metering, GPS, Self Timers, Drive Mode, Aspect Ratio’s and Image Size. The D30 also has designated mode such as, Underwater, Snow, Movie digest and iframe.





IMG_8800 IMG_8815


IMG_8828I often use the video function and the D30 continues on from the D20 to capture those memorable moments. The location of the record button has changed from the D20 which makes is easier to switch from taking stills to record mode.The record button is located on top right hand side of the camera and is directly next to the shutter button. The shutter button is slightly raised and much larger with the record button being smaller as well as being slight recessed. I have added a few links to show you the moments I have captured using the Canon PowerShot D30.

I reside in Canberra and paddle through the entire winter in sub zero temperatures. I also enjoy photographing in the snowy mountains region where temperatures drop to well below -8 in the winter months. I have never experienced any freezing, malfunction or problems arising from these extreme temperatures.

IMG_9472 IMG_9767 IMG_9761 IMG_9771 IMG_9775


The Canon Powershot D30 is small and easy to use even in tricky places such as on the lift at Mt Perisher. Despite all the equipment and  -8 conditions I was still able to quickly pull out the D30 and snap a ‘selfie.’ The Camera also withstood several falls at great speeds.



IMG_9561 IMG_9609

IMG_9613 IMG_9631 IMG_9574 IMG_9566

I put the D30 to the sporting challenge and to be honest it is not ideally suited for the sporting action shot. The D30 does have continuous shooting function in the ‘Program Mode’ which will help in capturing an action shot.


IMG_9551 IMG_9555


Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time with the D30 to show the underwater image quality that it can produce as the water clarity of Lake Burley Griffin isn’t the best.  I have added a few sample shots which were taken with the Canon PowerShot D20. I have no doubt that the D30 would have similar or better underwater clarity.  The D30 can withstand sand, sun, snow, chlorine and salt water all you have to do is simply rinse it off with fresh water.

IMG_8373-2 IMG_8380-2 IMG_8400-2

IMG_0876 - Copy - Copy IMG_7808 IMG_7851 IMG_9707 IMG_9708 IMG_9725

IMG_0883 - Copy - Copy

The D30 is without a doubt an excellent choice for any novice, adventure based photographer. If you are after a compact camera that is affordable, easy to use, provides you with great image quality and can withstand all elements then I highly recommend you  look at the Canon PowerShot D30. It is one tough and reliable camera which won’t disappoint.

Good luck on you adventures and enjoy your photography.









8 thoughts on “Pocket Rocket Review – Canon PowerShot D30

  1. Hi Paul…What a glorious set of pictures. Canon must LOVE you. The pink and misty shots are my favourites ( oh and the reflections and the scenery and the balloons and the trees) but the range you can demonstrate is truly remarkable. It must almost be time to give up your day job! Still loving your work every day….Cheers from Perth, Jen

    • Hi Jenny,
      I’m so glad you enjoyed the shots. I had a fantastic fortnight of shooting. I was just luck that the weather and the conditions were like that as well. I think I will be working for some time yet, but it’s always nice to be able to dream. All is good as I’m having a great time paddling and clicking away in my spare time. All the best….. Paul

  2. Really loved the photos especially the underwater shots. Perfect review exactly what I was looking for, now will go purchase this great little camera

    • Hi Debra,
      I’m so glad you like the photos from the D30. I have been shooting with the D20 for years and now the D30. I have recently added the 70D (DSLR) to the kit. Enjoy your photography!
      All the best
      Paul 🙂

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