Spring is in Full Swing

30 Sept 2014: There is no need to hibernate with winter over and spring in full swing. We have been fortunate to have glorious weather over the long weekend and it is forecast to continue into the working week.  The new Kingston foreshore is proving to be a popular place to be and is a buzz with people enjoying the sunshine and the array of restaurants on offer.  After a long paddle I headed to ‘Local Press’ who impressed me with their unique organic brunch menu including cold pressed juices and organic coffee.


IMG_7527 IMG_7550 IMG_7570 IMG_7575 IMG_7588 IMG_7592 IMG_7602 IMG_7610 IMG_7631 IMG_7662 IMG_7666 IMG_7668 IMG_7677 IMG_7682 IMG_7686 IMG_7701


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