A beautiful feature by the ABC 730 ACT

Click the link to see the 8 minute feature to see a few people (me included) who have a deep connection Lake Burley Griffin. It is  beautiful feature article by Adrienne Francis and brilliantly shot by Mark Moore. Yet again nothing but quality from the ‪ABC730ACT.



2 thoughts on “A beautiful feature by the ABC 730 ACT

  1. Thanks for the link to the ABC. I missed the show on Friday. I have lived in Canberra for 52 years and have grown up with the lake. My parents tell stories of cutting across the lake bed to get to Curtin. Some of my memories are family picnics, swimming, fishing, walking along the shore, paddle boating, the Captain Cook water jet, the Carillion, visiting the Patients in the Canberra Hospital and its subsequent demise. The Food and Wine Frolics and adjacent activities like the Birdman Rally, the fireworks and ferry rides.
    I have heard tales that a name change for the lake is being discussed. Why is it that some people do not have enough in their life, that they need to spend time thinking of name changes for things? The lake is called Lake Burley Griffin after the designer of Canberra. That should be a good enough reason for a name and considering it has had that name for 50 years should mean something. Leave our beautiful lake alone and let us enjoy it unspoiled by in all its glory or otherwise.

    • Hi Lynn,
      I’m so glad that you had the chance to see the ABC feature, it was so nice put together. You have certainly experienced many wonderful moment of LBG and Canberra. It’s truly a lovely city to live in. I heard of the same thing in regards to changing the name of the lake….. how silly, I’m sure they could have more important things to be focusing on ….surely! I totally agree with you whole heartedly. For the mean time I’ll just keep snapping away, enjoying the morning and evening lightshows.
      All the Best

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