Golden Spectacle

26 Oct 2014: This morning I was engulfed by golden mist on Lake Burley Griffin. I was on the water 45 minutes before the scheduled sunrise time of 6.06am and the East Basin was shrouded in light mist and the water, glassy. I immediately knew that this was going to transform into something special, so I decided to sit back, relax and enjoy watching the morning unfold. Initially the colours were soft and then from out of nowhere the sun rose between the poplars shedding gold light beams from all angles. It looked FANTASTIC!  From this moment on the morning went into golden high fire mode.


IMG_0529 IMG_0542 IMG_0546 IMG_0553 IMG_0568 IMG_0575 IMG_0582 IMG_0586 IMG_0589 IMG_0591_ IMG_0593 IMG_0596 IMG_0598 IMG_0602 IMG_0616 IMG_0630 IMG_0634 IMG_0635 IMG_0645 IMG_0646 IMG_0728

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