Gliding on Glass

23 Dec 2014: I glided on the glassy waters of the Maria River this morning and paddled amongst the most amazing reflections.  The Macleay region is so untouched and it offers you such spectacular scenery. I had the entire river all to myself; it is so nice to be reunited with the magic of the Macleay.




This is such a stunning waterway


My day began with a gentle sunrise at Crescent Head

IMG_5842 IMG_5874

Then I took off to experience the magic of the Maria River.


Every where you look the scenery is stunning

IMG_5889 IMG_5890

I had the entire river all to myself


The reflections were so vivid that it put me into a real spin


Every day is a new discovery, what do you see?

IMG_5910 IMG_5914 IMG_5926

With every bend came another section of WOW


I hope you enjoyed the photos as much as I enjoyed the experience.

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