Sunrise Stroll

15 Jan 2015: An early morning walk around Newcastle Beach always brings back wonderful memories of my childhood and youth. The walk from Nobby’s Beach up to the break wall and back along the promenade to Newcastle Beach is always picturesque and a coffee at Estabar, tops off yet another perfect summer morning.




A casual sunrise stroll always puts things into perspective

IMG_5064 IMG_5068 IMG_5081

Gorgeous tones to begin the day

IMG_5083 IMG_5089 IMG_5095 IMG_5100

Dune Scape


Sand between the toes

IMG_5109 IMG_5130 IMG_5146

Groomed and ready for another day


The Newcastle Beaches have been closed for the past three days due to a 5 Metre Great White Shark 1700 Kg close to the shoreline. Question I ask – Has it gone or hasn’t the sign been erected yet?

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