I am so excited to showcase my photographs of CBR that are on huge 2.4m high x 4m long panels. The Jamieson Apartments are home to the images and each of the nine levels has its own Canberra scene. I have to say that they look amazing!
I love how you are greeted by the image the moment the elevator door opens and how the images bring an element of Canberra’s atmosphere inside the building. The images are printed to a vinyl surface that is glued onto an Alucobond Panel which is coated with a Matt Laminate. The building is secure and is not accessible to the public, so this will be my first and last viewing of the artwork. Hopefully there will be more KCM ART PANELS that will be able to viewed publically in the future. The Jamieson Apartments and Art Panels were designed by Cox Architecture and I am also happy to announce that the building has been entered into the Australian Institute of Architecture awards Canberra Chapter in the Residential Architecture – Multiple Housing Category.

28 thoughts on “KCM ART PANELS of CANBERRA

    • Thanks you so much, it’s so nice to be able to bring an outdoor element to the inside of a building. The panels seem to exactly that. I have had an enquiry this morning about another foyer…. very exciting! all the best and have a great day πŸ™‚

  1. Congratulations, this is a great outcome for you. Have been following for some time and have always admired your images and stories.

    Ron Fitzgerald


    • Hi Ron,
      thank you so much for being a part of the page, we are certainly treated to many stunning sunrises and sunsets. I just love being able to bring you along for the experience ( or try to) . Thanks for taking the time out to comment and much appreciated for your kind words.

  2. Congratulations! They look fabulous. I agree with Maree. I’m so excited for you. It’s fun that your trusty kayak gets a look in too. Well done.

  3. Congratulations, love your seeing your photographs on the blog. It must be wonderful to see your passion come to life in the exhibition. Keep on enjoying your photography 😊

    • I was totally blown away by the whole thing Kim. That the first time I have ever seen my art come life is such a way. I have truly fallen in love with photography and the elements and thoroughly enjoy (or try) taking you along with me. πŸ™‚ much appreciated

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