Autumn Tribute

30 May 2015: As we farewell autumn in Canberra we can reflect on what makes it so appealing. A kaleidoscope of colour, crystal skies and cool crisp mornings are just some of the reasons we love this time of year. The conditions have been perfect to enjoy all that Canberra has on offer from the opening of the balloon festival to the first sign of frost. While winter kicks off tomorrow we are still seeing traces of Autumn, especially along the foreshore where the ornamental pears are still on display.


IMG_1542 IMG_1219 IMG_0078 IMG_0094 IMG_2420 IMG_2456 IMG_2490 IMG_2555 IMG_2500 IMG_2849 IMG_0426 IMG_3141 IMG_3184 IMG_3202 IMG_3274 IMG_0685 IMG_0679 IMG_3395 IMG_3865 IMG_4158 IMG_4237 IMG_4738 IMG_4721 IMG_4739 IMG_4749 IMG_4916 IMG_5236 IMG_5230 IMG_1297 IMG_5824 15 4 IMG_5964 IMG_5996 IMG_6130 IMG_6465 IMG_6477 IMG_6602 IMG_6597 IMG_6547 IMG_1443 IMG_6675 IMG_1496 1 9 4 IMG_7128 IMG_7299 IMG_7454 IMG_1 IMG_7504 IMG_12 IMG_8 IMG_16 IMG_1908 IMG_7798 IMG_8106 IMG_8103 IMG_8331 1 IMG_8353 IMG_8364 IMG_8369 IMG_8759 IMG_9338 7_IMG_9624 8_IMG_9647 6 IMG_2160 14 IMG_2233 27 IMG_2162 8 IMG_0148 14 IMG_0192-2 IMG_0354 (2) IMG_0420 8IMG_0269

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