2 thoughts on “So exciting, my first attempt at printing on glass. The colours look amazing!

  1. Wow, I’ve never seen this done. It looks fabulous….too hot to touch šŸ˜‰ How big can it go? I see someone snapping up this idea for more commercial applications. Plumbing is not always going to be your career I’m certain Paul. Cheers…..your photos just keep getting better. Jen

  2. Hi Jenny,
    This is such a lovely medium to print onto. The colours look so vivid and I have been wanting to print on glass for some time. You are so spot on as this type of application would look sensational in a commercial fitout. I can even embed you company logo etc into the image as well. I having a lot of fun with my hobby and I would be brilliant if this could be a full time occupation. You never know, but I having a blast of a time doing it. Iā€™m just in the process of organising an exhibition in Canberra, hopefully it will be on display by mid-July. Very exciting!

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