Gorgeous Beginning

15 Oct 2015: What a truly stunning morning to be out and about in Canberra. LBG was a buzz with activity as the kayakers, row boats and sculls enjoyed near perfect conditions. There was also plenty of activity on the foreshore with joggers, runners, cyclists, dog walkers and boot campers reveling in the gorgeous spring temperatures.


IMG_2232 IMG_2240 IMG_2241 IMG_2244 IMG_2246 IMG_2248 IMG_2253 IMG_2256 IMG_2258 IMG_2262 IMG_2263 IMG_2264 IMG_2265 IMG_2269 IMG_2279 IMG_2285 IMG_2286 IMG_2287 IMG_2288 IMG_2294 IMG_2295 IMG_2296 IMG_2298 IMG_2301 IMG_2306 IMG_2307 IMG_2312 IMG_2314


2 thoughts on “Gorgeous Beginning

  1. Hello Paul
    Love your emails every day, but this morning your text jumped out and assaulted me.

    From the online Free Dictionary:
    Reviling – definition of reviling by The Free Dictionary
    v. re·viled, re·vil·ing, re·viles. v.tr. To assail with scornful or abusive language; vituperate. See Synonyms at scold. v.intr. To use scornful or abusive language.

    Also from the Free Dictionary I think you meant:
    Revelling – definition of revelling by The Free Dictionary
    intr.v. rev·eled, rev·el·ing, rev·els also rev·elled or rev·el·ling. 1. To take great pleasure or delight: She reveled in her unaccustomed leisure.

    Please don’t take any umbrage at my suggestions. Keep up the great work you do.
    REGARDS Westy.

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