Sunday Sunrise & Sunset Stunner!

13 Dec 2015: I can rant & rave about how good today’s sunrise and sunset was, but I’d much prefer to let the images tell you the story. I hope that you like the imagery.

Tell me what you think?

Sunday morning Serenity IMG_3761


Sunday Arvo Sunset


6 thoughts on “Sunday Sunrise & Sunset Stunner!

  1. Hi Paul…the colours today are almost unbelievable; electric and spectacular. Thanks again for making my day. My niece was at the Canberra hand made markets today. Is your work being sold there? Cheers, Jen

    • Hi Jenny,
      What a stunning afternoon display that was!
      The Handmade Markets are a fantastic event but sadly I wasn’t there.
      Although I very happy to say that my works are on display in their civic store.
      I hope that you have a lovely Christmas with you family and friends

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