Pastels and Dragons

10 Jan 2016: It started out as a lazy Sunday drifting amongst the early morning pastel glow. Each bend of the Molonglo River treated me to a visual delight as I glided on glass reflections while watching the day unfold in spectacular style. Then if the morning couldn’t get any better, I was lucky enough to encounter Randall the Water Dragon. This was an excellent experience that just topped my morning off perfectly. He knew the exact location to position himself to receive the warmth of the morning sun and wasn’t fazed by my presence the least. This is such a unique perspective and a truly peaceful way to start the day


5.34am: the early morning glow was just gorgeous


I never tire of starting the day like this


Super smooth with vivid reflections


Just doesn’t get any better than this


I was a leisurely drift on the Molonglo


Nice to see the welcoming committee out early


A slice of magic to begin the day


The squadron were gliding the skies


Into the green room I go


Great to catch up with Randall this morning.


He wasn’t fazed by my presence at all.


Love lazy Sunday mornings to just kick back and take it easy.


Now that was another brilliant start to an excellent day. All the best 🙂

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