Balloons with a View

19 March 2016: The lawns of Old Parliament House were dotted with balloons early on this morning due to unfavourable winds. Most people would consider this a bad thing, but on the contrary, this allowed me and many other family’s the opportunity to get up close and personal with the balloons, the pilots and the support crew. For me this was a first time experience as I am accustomed to seeing the balloons from a waters perspective. The close contact left me wanting more, even after 2 hours of cruising my way amongst the sounds and colours. I had the opportunity to liaison with the people who are truly passionate about ballooning and that make this event a wonderful occasion for us all.


It was a Hoot of a morning


The Balloonists put huge smiles on everyone’s faces



It’s such a great event for all ages


Brekkie with the Balloons


Hanging out with the crew



It’s a blast of an experience


Balloon Kiss


Up & about on a glorious morning


Enter a caption



Tully the balloon dog



Fantastic Family



2 thoughts on “Balloons with a View

  1. Oh Paul, these are completely fabulous. As you say the opportunity to get up so close to these gorgeous creations and their human and doggy families was a real bonus. Your photos get better and better but I fear they don’t have much more room for improvement. Your composition is amazing; you seem to be able to position yourself in exactly the right spot to capture something really special and glorious. Thanks for putting a smile on my face yet again, Jen

    • Hi Jenny,
      So sorry for the delay in responding. Thank you so much for your kind words. Nothing pleases me more than to be able to put a smile on your face with my imagery. That is exactly my aim and to hear that is such a lovely thing. It’s easy to take a few nice shots when you have such brilliant subject matter that is combined with soft light and water. As you know I have only been photographing for 5 years now and I am learning and loving ever facet of photography. I have just started up a new facebook page called ‘Paul Jurak Photography’. This page will allow me to display a broader range of my images and passion for photography.
      Kind Regards

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