2 thoughts on “Misty Glide

  1. Hi Paul…how weird it is that your medical scare has turned out to be such a gift to us all. It has been a magical experience to share your photos. I’m convinced there is nobody else who could frame such amazing scenes day after day with your sensitive understanding of composition, colour, balance and subject. I always love seeing your photos and knowing how current they are and that they haven’t been “doctored”. Thanks so much for taking the time to share your passion. You make my day! Keep healthy and happy, Jen

    • Hi Jenny,
      I have said that many times. It is amazing how some things (good or bad) happen and change your perspective on life. I can now see what the important values are, such as family and enjoying the simple things that are constantly available to us each and every day. Nothing pleases me more than to be able to share a few daily images with you.
      Have a lovely evening

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