Misty Monday Morning

25 Feb 2013:LBG took on a different persona this morning. It was shroud in fog with the morning sun trying its best to burn through. It’s a beautiful reminder that summer is nearing its end.


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I’m looking forward to more misty paddles in the future and by the feel of it this morning, I think that they are going to be more regular from now on.

My future starts when I wake every morning…Every day I find something  creative to do with my life.” Miles Davis

2 thoughts on “Misty Monday Morning

  1. Hi Paul, I just read your article in the Sunday Mail Body and Soul and can so relate to how you feel on the lake. I am 66 and very overweight so got the help of Tony Ferguson (have lost 17 kg and counting) and bought an Ocean Kayak. My friend and I go out on the Wyaralong Dam just 12 minutes out of Beaudesert every week and are gob smacked at its beauty. I only have a small camera but I put a presentation together of some of the wildlife and beauty of a small part of the more than 15 km of waterways. No one realizes the beauty of this relatively new gem in our area so I am now prodding the council and the the local paper is getting behind us to educate the people of Beauy as to the beauty of the area. If you are up this way you must have a look at Wyaralong Dam, a kayaking heaven. All the best Paul and stay well. Contact me if you come to Queensland.

    • Hi David,
      Mate how good are you! 17kg and still going and there is no better way to shed a few kilos than by paddling a kayak (I could be a bit bias in that opinion!). But the great thing is that you are out there taking in all of the surroundings at the same time. As you well know, being out on the water and amongst all the wild life is extremely relaxing. I will definitely contact you when I am up your way; I look forward to having a float with you and experiencing the beauty of Wyaralong Dam’s water ways. Thanks for clicking onto the site and commenting. All the best. Paul.

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