Great Dilemma

4 March 2013: I had pastel pinks to the west and golden rays to the east this morning.I just didn’t know which way to look; what a great dilemma to have.

A quick turn of the head to discover the beginning of the light show.

Just floating away on a smooth section of water taking it all in.

Now it’s time to sit back and enjoy.


Filling the morning sky with light.

Wild reflections off the High Court of Australia.

The golden rays from the East

Taking in the sunrise from a higher place


The end of a relaxing morning paddle, wishing I had more time to float around.

Now I can only hope that I have the same dilemma agian tomorrow!

“You can keep pondering on which thing to do first or which path to take  or by simply taking action now of most any kind, you may just find yourself on  the way to where you most needed to go.” April Bryan

4 thoughts on “Great Dilemma

    • No problems at all Gary, glad you liked them. I have relatives on the mid north coast as well and I hear that you have received another deluge again. I hope you see blue skies soon.

  1. Your photographs are just beautiful! Some wonderful subjects for a painting…..trouble is….which one to pick? As you say, a great dilemma! Cheers for now. Ann.

    • Hi Ann, glad you like the shots. I have been asked which are my Fav shots and its so hard to select one. I hope I have the same dilemma for the rest of the week. Thanks for clicking onto the site and commenting. All the best.

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