Mixed bag of WOW!

6 March 2013: What a WOW of a morning!

What an unbelievable morning on LBG. It had it all, predawn mist floating on  the surface, lights reflecting from our landmarks, silhouettes, golden tones,  pastels to the west and then to finish off I was treated to a balloon bonanza.The odd thing is that this happens more often than not…..The judges have  given ten out of ten this morning for LBG!

Mist on the water

The scull’s going through their paces

Kings Avenue Bridge framing the morning

An element of mystery

Having chat with my mate Nick

Pastel pinks to the west

Yet again another different scene

Now we are getting ready for the light show to begin

Scull silhouette

Burning through the balloons

At this point I’m just floating away ….going OH YEAH!

Balloon eclipse

The ‘Red Chilli’ always points me in the right direction


And the balloon chase is on.

Dave the balloonist was that close…6 metres overhead, that I could hardly fit it all in the shot.

Float at your own risk: Low flying balloons in this area…..Dave your a legend!

“Nature is pleased with simplicity. And nature is no dummy” Isaac  Newton

I hope you enjoy this morning’s sequence roll. Thanks for clicking on and coming along for the ride.Take Care.

2 thoughts on “Mixed bag of WOW!

  1. Wow wow I so appreciate your photos sunrise &sunsets I m a driver and commute in and out of Canberra daily and yes keep the camera there all the time just in case the magic is there I lost my son last year and for the last three years of his battle it’s the peace of nature and the display of colour that keep me going keep up that mental emotional physical and spiritual balance and you will live to be a wise old man than you for your journey Pam

    • Hi Pam,
      I am so sorry to hear of you loss. I have emotion building up in me as I reply. I am so glad that nature’s sunrises and sunsets provide you with the mental, physical and emotional strength. I too draw on this for that reason as well. We are so lucky here in Canberra as it has the most stunning sunrises and sunsets. I think that I am forever walking around with my head in the skies and the clouds now, or that’s what my family tell me anyway. My thoughts are with you; you are truly inspirational and I thank you so much for writing into me and clicking onto the blog site.
      Kind Regards

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