Chillaxing all the way but our senses were on fire!

13 April 2013: We had it all this morning, fire red autumn leaves reflecting on glassy water, misty silhouettes, dragon boats, laser sunrises and crystal blue skies. But in true style we just sat back and chillaxed our way through the entire morning, taking it all in and making sure that we didn’t miss a thing. There may have been a chill in the air but the senses were definitely on fire this morning. Yet again I have been treated to an awesome autumn display on Lake Burley Griffin, Canberra.

Misty start to the morning once again.


LBG welcoming committee

I just never tire of this!

A Canberra Autumn is always stunning.


A different perspective of the Boat House Restaurant.

Just magical.

Just magical.


Now for the light show to be begin.


The main basin is just starting to warm up.


Now we are rocketing into the morning.

It all about chillaxing and taking it all in.


WARNING….nothing but sheer power and determination ahead.

The Canberra Ice Dragons tearing up the lake.

The mist has now burnt off revealing crystal blue skies.

I can’t wait see what the ornamental pears will look like when they are in full colour!

“See with your mind, Speak with your heart, touch with your eyes, Love with your entire being.” B.J.Neblett.

6 thoughts on “Chillaxing all the way but our senses were on fire!

  1. I am loving the views of the Autumn colours…..the one taken on 11th April at 6.43am really fascinates me…when I look at the water, I can see the little ripples moving!!

    • Hey Elizabeth, the Autumn colours at the moment are stunning and only an indication to how beautiful the next few weeks are going to be here in Canberra. I am so happy that the photo can make you feel like you are there and that it is alive, thanks that is a huge compliment. Hopefully I can capture few nice shots of autumn in the next few weeks.

  2. Love those misty morning shots!! It would be so peaceful out there early in the morning. Are you going to be brave enough to keep doing this in Canberra’s chilly winter??

    • Hey digycruz13, I’m glad that you like the shots. I have taken it so many stunning mornings, there is no better way to start the day…..Love it.
      I paddle right through the Canberra winter, so hopefully I won’t fall in, as the air temp gets to minus six with a water temp of 5 degrees….but the scenery is stunning. You know its cold when to water freezes on the kayak hatch!

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