14 April 2013: The start was sublime, the sunrise was mesmerising, the wonderful wetlands was the perfect place to stage such an event and the morning which unfolded was divine! This would have to be the biggest blog roll ever! What a transformation! So many exclamation marks! I experienced an absolute stunner of a morning! This is what living is all about!

6.02am: At this point I’m thinking that this is shaping up to be another cracker.

6.10am: I decided to venture into the wetlands this morning.

6.15am: At this point I realised that I made the right decision.

6.18am: The wetlands check point.


6.19am: Loving the splash of red.

6.20am: Warning- No responsibility will be taken for any optical overload that occurs beyond this point.

6.28am: at this point I am going …OH YEAH…here we go again.

6.30am: I think that there were lots of Ohhhhh’s and Ahhhh’s at this stage.


6.32am: Now we have progressed into the WOW stage.

6.32am: I just couldn’t stop clicking away….so beautiful.


6.34am: Then my shot was photo bombed by the angelic swans.


I just love the silhouette swan shots.

6.42am: Heading further into the wetland now.

6.42am: Chasing the golden mist.

6.43am: Running the golden gauntlet.

Getting close to optical overload now.


The ‘Red Chilli” taking a few rays.

6.46am: Feeling the warmth of the autumn sunrise on you face.


7.00am: It felt like I was floating on the clouds in Europe.


7.04am: The corridor of reflections.


I hope that you have enjoyed the shots from this morning’s paddle into the wetlands. Take care and thanks for clicking onto the site.

4 thoughts on “BAM, SLAM, KAPOW…WOW

  1. You are building up an amazing body of work Paul…….it’s a joy to look at, brings the colours of home to me here in Old Blighty. Thanks for sharing your wonderful experiences and long may it continue.

  2. Hi Paul, this is my first visit to your blog – positively awesome captures; enough to (almost) make this unfit retiree seriously consider taking up kayaking! It obviouslyl helps that you have the gorgeous waters and surrounds of Lake Burley Griffin. Thanks so much for sharing your photographic talents – I’ll be back!

    • Hi Valerie, I’m so glad that you liked the photos and the website. You would love being out there on the water, the sunrises here in Canberra are amazing. The water is so peaceful and I always return back calm and relaxed. It’s the best way to start the day. Thanks for clicking onto the website and commenting. Paul.

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