Magic Monday Morning

15- April 2013: The air may have had a chill this morning, but the sky was definitely on  fire! What a sunrise, It was certainly a magic Monday morning.The judges have voted….Canberra is the sunrise capital of Australia.

6.02am: I had been watching the sky develop since 5am.

6.3am: You could see that it was going to be something special.

6.14am: The pink tinges were just starting to form.

6.15am: At this point I was in no hurry at all.


6.16am: Just chillaxing again taking it all in.

6.19am: Red Sky Dawn.


6.32am: Love the pastel swirls.

6.28am: A marble transition


6.44am: The golden shimmy

6.48am: It felt like I was paddling on the clouds….or that’s where my head was anyway.


What a Magic Monday Morning!

“We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all of the power we  need inside ourselves already.” J.K.Rowling

4 thoughts on “Magic Monday Morning

    • Hey Valerie, thanks for that and very well put. I’m keen on the paddling and photography, but not that obsessed yet. I think that my head was still in the clouds. Much appreciated…..Paul

  1. Absolutely love your work kayakcameraman – it’s enough to make me pick up a paddle. Perhaps my next challenge……

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