May 8, 2013: What a transformation! It’s one of the best sunrises I have taken in for a while. Simply stunning is one way I could describe my experience out on water this morning.  I found myself totally immersed in an amazing natural light show that was just brilliant. Paddling and photography are opposites but yet they complement each other so much. This is why I love it, because when you are out here you are only looking for the nice in the day and everything else just gets put on hold. Floating away on the water allows me to be plunged into a world of natural beauty where it provides me such peace and contentment; I just love greeting each day like this. I hope that you like the shots as much as I have enjoyed taking them.



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“The earth has music for those who listen.” George Santayana

2 thoughts on “TOTALLY IMMERSED

  1. Amazing how much difference the overhead cloud makes, from the shots taken on a fine morning. One just wants to keep looking and seeing! Also loved Captain Nemo’s journey through the wetlands last week. I wouldn’t have been surprised to see Mr.Toad himself peering out from those willows. Magic stuff!

    • Hey thanks Elizabeth. Captain Nemo loves a float in the double kayak and is also a budding photographer. I should load one or two of his shots. Its amazing to see through the eye of a four year old…very cool. A trip into the wetlands is always a pleasurable one and it won’t be too long before the willows take on a different image.

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