26 May 2013: It was even thicker today than yesterday…unbelievable. The visibility was down to six metres and it was so disorientating. You really have to keep your focus and wits about you especially when to take off an hour before the sunrise and you are paddling in a pea soup fog. The air temp is three degrees and it wont be too long before the water temp nears that as well. But its conditions like this that provide you  one of the best experiences you could ever ask for. Its amazing how quite it is out there, for some reason the heavy fog seems to act like a silencer. The water is like a sheet of glass and you are unable to consolidate true direction, you can choose to hug the shore line but I prefer to disappear into the abyss. The fog was that heavy this morning that you could feel the moisture droplets falling on you face as you paddled forward…..totally bizarre. I hope that you enjoy the shots from this morning foggy paddle.

2 thoughts on “Fogtastic

    • Hey Valerie,
      The heavy fog paddles are wild, its amazing how the lake can change it persona. The heaviness of the fog seems to act like a silencer and creates this awesome atmosphere. I love watching the sun burn through the haze, it certainly produces some stunning imagery.Take care and have a good week yourself. Paul 🙂

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