Fog Mystique and Beauty

25 May 2013: I hope that you enjoy this massive photo story from this mornings foggy paddle on LBG. I just love the mystique and beauty of a thick blanketing fog. I was cocooned by fog that was like pea soup this morning and it created one of the best atmospheres that you could ever ask for. This lake never cease to amaze and astound me, I just love how the fog rolls through in waves. One minute you think that it’s going to clear, only to discover that it thickens even more. Then you have the sun trying its best to burn through the thick mist to reveal a crystal blue sky. This is why I love kayaking and photography, every day is a new adventure!

I just love the fog paddle

I just love the fog paddle

You see things from a different perspective.

The Carillon shroud in secrecy

The Carillon was shroud in secrecy

Sepia reflections

Sepia reflections

I think the question being asked is at this time you know where we are going.......

I think the question being asked is at this time was… you know where we are going…….

The response was; sure follow me I know this lake like the back of my hand.

I didn’t have the foggiest idea.

Up periscope

Up periscope


I just love how things take on a different persona.

A foggy foreshore looked amazing

The sun had been up for ages and this was one of its efforts when it was trying to burn through.

The atmosphere that was created was beautiful.

You have to keep your wits about you as the sculls just come flying out from the shadows…..and they are flying!

It was just sublime

A young couple going for a misty morning walk.

Human Eclipse

Go speed racer.

I just didn’t want it to end.


It was so calming and peaceful.

One amazing thing is that it is so quite. There is hardly any noise what so ever.

Every corner revealed and new experience.

I loved how the morning rays highlighted the fog on the surface.

Then the sun burnt through to reveal crystal blue skies.

Just when you thought that it could get any better. The fog seemed to be dancing on the water surface. This is why I love paddling and photography.

“The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible.” Oscar Wilde

4 thoughts on “Fog Mystique and Beauty

  1. I am in awe click onto your site first thing in the morning. your pics give me a boost of love and serenety wonderful nature!

    • Thanks Marie,
      I’m so glad that you like the shots. I just love starting the day like that, I am so lucky to be able to experience so many stunning sunrises and like you say, the serenity of ‘Mother Nature’. I just love it. Thanks for clicking onto the website and commenting.

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