Wintery Feeling

5 June 2013: LBG certainly had a wintery feel about it this morning. It was clear as bell when I took off at 6.15am from the East Basin, but it wasn’t long before the fog slowly rolled in and engulfed the entire lake. At times it gave the impression that it was going to burn off, but then another bank of fog would roll through the Main Basin creating a totally different feel.

The lake never ceases to amaze me how it can take on a totally different persona each day. This is why I love seeing a new day take place from this perspective, every day has its own unique character.












“Each of us is a unique strand in the intricate web of life and here to make a contribution.” Deepak Chopra

4 thoughts on “Wintery Feeling

  1. My goodness that looks like a cold morning! It made me shiver to look at the fog and mist, I’ll bet it was good to get back inside at home. However, getting out for that early “exercise session” does make one feel better for the rest of the day. The sparkle from the lights reflecting in the water is very beautiful.

    • Hey Elizabeth,
      I think that my fingers and toes have just only thawed out now. The misty starts create such as amazing feeling. Although its nice to return home and have a nice hot shower. I’ve always been a early riser….love it…it’s one of my favourite parts of the day. The lights from the Carillon reflecting through the mist was beautiful this morning, I just wish that a few more shots (blurry) would have turned out a bit better. But is hard when you a freehand shooting in a kayak 30 minutes before sunrise. But that’s half the fun and its such a serene setting. Thanks for clicking onto the site and commenting. All the best…see what tomorrow will bring.

  2. Love your photos!! I wondered how long you would be able to withstand the chill of winter…..By making the effort though you are getting stunning photos. I am sure the hot shower would be very welcome. But it is a great time of the day to be out and creative…

    • I’m so glad that you like the shots. You soon forget about the cold when you are taking such stunning sunrises. Autumn was amazing and winter will provide something totally different again…hopefully 🙂 But you are spot on digycruz13, a nice hot shower is certainly very nice. The lake never ceases to amaze me, each day it produces something wonderful. Thanks for clicking onto the site and commenting. All the best.

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