Surreal and Spooky

9 June 2013:  The heavy fog that engulfed Lake Burley Griffin this morning created the perfect setting for a horror film. We set off paddling 45 minutes prior to the scheduled sunrise and at times we were down to 10 metres visibility. I have paddled in a few heavy fogs, but this morning’s just had that strange and eerie feeling about it. The air was heavy with moisture, everything was dead calm, there was no colour and it so silent. It would have made for a great zombie horror film shoot; It was so surreal but at the same time very weird and wonderful. This lake never ceases to amaze me, this is why I love paddling here so much. No two mornings are ever the same.


Into the abyss we go.


We had been fog paddling for about 30 minutes now and….I think the conversation was…..yeah….this way… me!


So we decided to look for a bit of land


Spring Bank Island in the foggy distance…or for this photo story it’s ‘Spooky Island’


Our first close viewing of ‘Spooky Island’.


I just love the fog paddles.


Everything takes on a different persona


All the colour is extinguished


The old fingers were pointing me in the right direction.


Even the pier had an unwelcoming presence

The fog had no intention of lifting.


A solo swan…they didn’t even want to go near the Island.


We always find time to cruise along and chillax


I decided to go onto ‘Spooky Island’ and have a look.


while the other lads decided to float way….maybe they were too scared !




The scene was eerie


It was so still.


I was just waiting for something to tap me on the shoulder.


It was the perfect setting for a Zombie movie.


I managed to get of the Island in one piece.


8.06am:The air was so heavy with moisture.


It was nice to come across a splash of colour


Just love the foggy reflections


and the photo bombing swans


On our way back I came across the very rare woolies tree….and I was so lucky to see it in its winter bloom.

I hope that you enjoyed a few shots from this mornings spooky paddle. All the best!

2 thoughts on “Surreal and Spooky

  1. Please tell me what is hanging from the woollies tree? Up here, it would be a triangle, used by young lads for water games, but somehow I don’t think that’s what’s in your tree. Lovely spooky morning…great photos!

    • Hey Elizabeth,
      we seem to have a slight variation here and it’s loaded with rocks as well….good for the extra momentum. so glad you liked the spooky shots from this morning. It certainly had an eerie feeling about it out there. Very cool indeed.

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